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I have a few blog posts to write. I also have to declutter that shelf in the kitchen. Oh, yeah, I also have to evaluate that latest Queen interview and concert video.

Do you know what they all have in common? You are hanging on the phone, waiting, waiting, waiting for me to talk to you. To acknowledge your presence. To interact with you, a lowly submissive. Why should I? Are you worth spending time with? Do you have something interesting to say? Of course not, that's why I will ignore you! I have far better things to do than spend my time on you.

Besides, when I ignore you, it is too much fun. Knowing you are on the other end, knowing I am living a real life, while you are in this pitiful place of nothingness, is absolutely hilarious. Don't you think so? Oh, that's right, I don't give a whit what you think, do I. Nope.

What Are You Doing While I Ignore You?

You better not be jerking your meat, I will tell you that. You need to be just sitting or kneeling on the cold floor listening to me move about my fantastically fun life on the other end of the phone. You are not a part of that life. You are a gnat in my world and I am delighted I get to swat you from afar. Thank goodness you are far enough away I don't have to hear you. You and I both know how boring that would be, don't we? You sit quietly until I hang up the phone because I am completely finished with knowing you are there at all, There does come that time that ignoring you isn't enough, but cutting you off from my thoughts totally is required.

Do You Love the Idea of an Ignoring Mistress?

I am hoping you do because it is one of the most fun ways to spend a few minutes with you. To be able to dismiss you from interactions with me all the while we are within earshot of each other makes me giddy with happiness. Are you up for the challenge?

I hope so!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and we can talk about your questions or concerns. Otherwise, I will not hear you on the other end of the phone!

Ignorance is Bliss!


Ignore Fetish Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



What is Ignore Fetish Phone Sex?

by Mistress Harper of www.ignorephonesex.com


Ignore fetish phone sex is the best way for you to be reminded of your place in the world. While it can be deeply arousing and heady indeed to be on the receiving end of a Mistress’ attention, sometimes you need to be ignored, and reminded about where you truly belong, and what your intrinsic place is in the grand scheme of things.

For those times, arranging a session with a Mistress in which she goes on with her everyday life and you bask in the glow that her presence provides, can be exactly what you need.


If you find the scrutiny of a Mistress too much to bear, call for an ignore phone sex session.


The attention and focus that a smart and sexy Mistress can bring to bear on your submission and sexual fetishes can be heady and addictive. To be at the center of a strong woman’s attention can make any man whimper and beg for more. But sometimes, that attention, focus, and absolute laser-like concentrated consideration can be overwhelming, too much, and can prickle at the mind in uncomfortable ways. Isn’t it a relief when she looks away from you? When her considerable focus shifts to something else, and you can breathe for a moment, get your wits back about yourself, and just exist? You might enjoy ignore fetish phone sex. 

When you arrange a session with an ignore fetish Mistress you’re asking to be ignored and treated as the inconsequential worm that you are, deep inside. The humiliation of an ignore session is that you’re asking a Mistress to acknowledge a deep truth about yourself: that you aren’t interesting, sexually appealing, or otherwise worthy of being paid any attention at all.

To be the pale shadow at the edge of the room while your Mistress does literally anything other than so much as look towards your direction. Perhaps she’ll spend the time answering emails from other submissives, or playing on Twitter. Maybe your Mistress will paint her nails, or shop online for a cute outfit for her date with her lover. Or maybe she’ll just go play Sudoku for a while. Anything other than acknowledge your existence.


The ignore fetish phone sex experience can be as erotic or relaxing as you’d like.


Which is more humiliating and titillating to you: to be ignored as you masturbate, or to be disregarded even if you’re a well-behaved silent shadow in the corner? Is having your cock controlled what turns you on, or is it having your cock completely forgotten, as if it didn’t even exist?!

Some ignore fetish aficionados enjoy feeling as if they’ve become so repugnant and abhorrent that their Mistress completely avoids their very existence. Some will try to catch her attention again, practically begging for her to notice them, only to be rebuffed once more, relegated to insignificance when set beside her latest phone game. The fun part of ignore humiliation games is that they are so varied and adaptable. 


When you call for femdom ignore calls, you’ll get ignored, and more! 


Erotic humiliation is one of the most versatile of fetishes, able to be combined and remixed with all sorts of scenarios and other fetishes. The ignore fetish is a humiliation fetish rooted in the erotic drive to be seen. Even in a femdom ignore session, you’ll feel seen and held tightly in the warmth of your Mistress’ regard, even as she forgets you exist and completely abandons you to your own devices. As she hums under her breath and tuts over the state of her manicure, you’ll be there, silently waiting to be acknowledged.

When she wins a game of Solitaire, when she emails a client to arrange another session, when she finalizes her plans with her lover for later that night, you’re in the corner, jerking off, and waiting for her attention to turn to you. And you’ll know that when she does turn that blinding focus towards you, when she sears you with her understanding and insight, that she was right to have ignored you all along. She should ignore you, because you are nothing, just a weak and pathetic wanker, unworthy of her consideration. You will burn in the humiliation of being ignored and seen. 


Ready to be ignored? Give one of our Ignore Fetish Mistresses a call!