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What happens on an ignore call with the Ebony Femdom vixen? Things that I will not put into print. Simply put, I do what I want, and you get to pay for the privilege of knowing my presence is on the other line. I might take calls from other subs while you're sitting on skype, groveling and thanking the almighty that I exist, and you will get to listen to me pay attention to someone else who isn't you. I love giving my time and energy to a sub that displays a deep obeisance to his Ebony Queen, and ignore that same motherfucker if his wish is to be treated like pavement and walked on.

And without giving away too much of my juicy deliciousness, I am happy to pretend your ass doesn't exist, while you tribute me on calls and hear me doing everything except acknowledge you.

For submission to the Ebony Femdom, I require complete obedience at all times. Even when you're not on the phone with me. I will also make a point to remind you of your fucking place and that if you make an error in judgment it will be corrected in a way that will be uncomfortable for you, while pampering and spoiling me.

I am a Queen, make no mistake, but I expect to be treated like a Princess and my every whim catered to. There is nothing wrong with a black woman knowing her worth and making sure that YOU know her worth. Which means that ignore humiliation is the perfect training for you to be in my service.

I want you to drop to your knees right now and obey your Superior Black Domme, by picking that phone up and calling me. No, I'm not going to talk to your bitch ass, and you're going to serve me anyway.