Inquire with the Mistress of your choice about our Online Training programs. Though we will entertain occasional "recreational" sessions, we much prefer long-term, more in-depth femdom training, and the skilled Mistresses of I Will Ignore You are well qualified to take on even the most difficult-to-train submissives. If you require long-term, in-depth or intense training, the femdom Mistresses will confer with you and with each other to design a program that will keep you in line.

Some options for advanced femdom training are: Long-term orgasm denial, behavior modification, group training, real-time assignments, sleep deprivation, slave journaling, diet restrictions.

Contact the I Will Ignore You Mistress of your choice to discuss advanced training programs.

Call 1-800-506-7178 for Telephone Training. Sessions are 2.75 Per Minute, with a minimum of 10 minutes.
You must be 18 or over to call.





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