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Hey boy, welcome to the total sucker line where you get absolutely nothing for your money. You'll get to hear MY sexy voice of course when I answer the phone . . . taking your hard earned money. I'll be snickering while I place that phone down of course, because once that sniveling whimpy voice of yours chimes back, you are ignored .

But it really depends on how you look at it, doesn't it. You are an audio-voyeur. You love your money draining away as I go on with MY business as I ignore ignore ignore you.

You may get lucky if MY boyfriend is there. We'll be listening to music , drinking wine and laughing about what a dumb assed schmuck you are. You may even hear us getting it on too. We love the fact that you may be listening and eating your heart out with your little stiffie in hand.

Sometimes MY other phone will ring and some hapless cuckold will be on the line. I will take the call and double MY money, and I will tell loser #2 about you . . . loser #1, what a pig boy sucker you are.

You may hear absolutely nothing, MY tv and what I'm watching, Me talking to a friend on the phone . . . oh. . . yeah, don't worry . . . all of My Girlfriends are Bitch Princesses like Me and I WILL tell them about your ridiculous fantasy, skidmark! Should you call on a night I'm going out, you'll hear My high heels clickity clacking on the tile floor. Every now and then I'll check on the jackass to see if he's hung up, but I won't come on the line and ask. I won't waste My sexy voice phone stroking your sorry ass. So call Me boy, for absolutely nothing.


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+