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Do you really believe yourself to be important in My world Loser boy? You know you deserve to be treated like a worthless piece of meat. You call and beg for My attention while I speak to My husband or My sissy. I look forward to giving My husband a blow job sucking him off slowly while I hear you whining in the background. Nothing would stimulate Me more then to hear your pain while we Both ignore you. You will hear our laughter as you realize just how small and pathetic you are to Me.

Can you imagine being completely ignored while I have sex? I will imagine your pathetic little body staring at Me while I am licked and sucked by a real man. Of course, if they aren't available I can just masterbate and pretend you aren't there. After all, My hitachi is more of a man then you could ever be. I may turn on some porn so I can look at someone more attractive then you while I stimulate myself. Look on the bright side of this b$$ch boy, at least you get to listen to a Goddess such as Myself being pleasured in a way that you could never physically give Me.

Let's face it, you were born to serve. You were born to be beneath My feet and obviously to be ignored. Your services are needed to call but most certainly not to be heard. Give yourself completely to Me by calling Me and begging to be Ignored Completely Today!


$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+