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What do YOU want? Do you actually think that someone like me, a smart, funny, sexy, and superior woman would ever want to speak to a loser like you?

That answer is so easy. NO!

But I will have fun at your expense while you are on the line, straining to listen to everything I do. So excited to hear me pick up my cell and call my friends. Entranced by the sound of me in the shower. It is almost like you are in my home with me, but you're not! What you are doing is being quite the pervert. It is pathetic!

But that's ok. I think it is funny that you will stroke while I do my nails, watch TV, listen to music, or just hang out and read. I know you will strain to hear every page turning!

Why are you so pathetic? I guess I really do not care. You can call up to spend money just listening to me go about my day. It really is so funny that you are that desperate to have a sexy woman on the line that you would just sit there and listen.

But let's talk about what you really want. You've never heard or made a woman get off so you are begging and pleading on the other end of the phone, just praying for me to be so horny that I will have sex or masturbate while I totally and completely ignore you!

I know a thing like you was made to be a submissive slave. A thing like you belongs at my feet, begging to serve me, and begging me to just ignore you!

Do call me knowing full well a sucker like you will get nothing from me. I will ignore you!


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