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You and I need to come to a little understanding here before we go any farther. I'm a Princess. You're a peasant. I don't owe you a damn thing. You've never done anything to deserve my attention, and I sincerely doubt you ever will. You're welcome to try, though. I'm sure I'll find your pathetic attempts amusing, though I'll probably never tell you that.

Why, you ask? Oh, it's because I'll probably never tell you anything.

As a matter of fact, this profile of mine that you're reading right now? These are the most words that you'll ever get out of me. And, poor you, they aren't even coming from Princess's perfect red mouth. They're just black words on a white page that make you long for me and for my attention. But, really, they just remind you of how unworthy you are and how you'll never in a million years deserve a single, solitary thing from me.

Poor you. *Smirk*

If you're wondering what you'll hear when you call and I put the phone down, that just depends. You might get lucky and hear your Princess in the bath or shower. Imagine just what you're missing there, dumbass. Or I might be talking with my friends about what a loser you are. Or I could possibly be enjoying another one of my sluts at the time. Or, to add insult to injury, I might even be sleeping. Can you imagine anything worse than waiting patiently for a word or a sound from your Princess and getting...nothing at all?

You're so boring to me that you put me to sleep. What can I say?


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