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I'm going to give you a little trade secret.

When I'm in a session with someone I care about, I make sure to keep the background noise to a minimum. That's right--I turn off any space heaters, air purifiers, or fans, and close windows. I sit in the quietest part of My home, all in an effort to make My seductive or stern voice the sole focus of My playmate's attention. I strive to create another world for U/s where the sounds of the one outside fade away.

And then there's you.

Your purpose is to spend money hearing just how little I care about the atmosphere of the session for which you're paying. In which I give little to no thought about weaving a fantasy for you or crafting scintillating conversation.

You get the privilege of listening to Me breathe, nibble My cuticles, watch a documentary, take a tinkle, make Myself a cup of tea, or have a snack.

You can justify your existence in My virtual space further by inviting one of My Mistress sisters to join U/s. She and I can enjoy a chat while the minutes tick by, all while you're utterly ignored!

Except, perhaps, if We get on the subject of how lucky you are to listen in, and how pathetic it is that it makes you so hard to be so insignificant.

Think of yourself like a footstool, or an area rug. Just sit there and give Me or Us something upon which to rest Our feet and otherwise forget about.

I'm sure you'll be touching yourself, but if you do, make sure you're quiet about it. The point of an ignore call is that I'm as little aware of your presence as possible. At least thoughts are silent, like the ones you'll have regarding just how beautiful and powerful I am, simply for existing!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+