What is Erotic Ignore Humiliation?

by Mistress Erika of www.iwillignoreyou.com


Mistress Erika Discusses Erotic Ignore Humiliation (800) 601-6975Erotic ignore humiliation is not a kink many can wrap their heads around.  Humiliation can take on many forms, from a simple giggle at your lackluster appendage to harsh degradation.

Humiliation is painful to us in much the same way a physical blow is painful. Pain play, with spanking, floggers, whips, paddles, or any number of toys causes a physical response in your body to thwart the pain.

The same response happens when there’s no spanking to that ass, but that brain is bombarded with humiliation.


Ignore Humiliation


For people who are not familiar with ignore humiliation, you might wonder what it entails.  Simple enough, you exist I ignore. I don’t speak with you, I might not even look at you.  For some just being in my presence, and my energy is a gift they don’t deserve.

You consider yourself very lucky to be able to bask in that energy.  If it pleases me  I allow you to listen in, soaking in the sounds. Another time perhaps I order you into a submissive pose, with your face down in a corner. That’s all you deserve.

Ignore humiliation can be a  part of a larger Femdom relationship, perhaps as the ultimate punishment for a needy slut who is pushing their limits with their Mistress, and not in a good way.

Sometimes the submissive is simply not deserving of attention.


Get More With Ignore


As you have surmised, ignoring is taking away a very large erotic component. My attention. So how can it be more?

Why more for me, silly submissive. You are here for my comfort and pleasure. So I get more relaxation, more time to mindlessly shop on the internet, and more fun with friends.

Keeping this in mind there are many ways we can play with ignore humiliation by incorporating your purpose to please me.

Indeed, I won’t be engaging you, my time and attention are better used elsewhere. So how are you to please me, honor me with your submission if I’m ignoring you? Here are three ways, that might spark your imagination and get that worthless submissive cock a rise.


I Ignore You Clean


Many kinks and fetishes incorporate a housemaid bitch. From a passive boy bitch to a sissy bitch, your job is to wash floors and dishes. Tend to maintenance and dust. Laundry is fun when you hand wash my intimates. Don’t forget you’ll also tend to my every need, by quip or by my text.

With ignore, humiliation your existence is augmented with pleasing me with your service. Imagine walking out half asleep to the kitchen to brew my morning elixir.

Extra cream, one sugar.

On the counter, you find a list of chores. It would be just a list if you’ve been a good and obedient pet. If you’ve been disobedient each assignment is strictly timed, with the penance of not getting it done in time is noted.

Your day is filled from sun up to sun down.  Your list can include errands and learning new skills to please me.

What will I be doing while you are busy taking care of things? Why anything I damn well, please. I may sit texting friends on the sofa, watching you flutter about from task to task. I might take a nap, so don’t make too much noise! But a hot soaking bubble bath wins. “run a bath for me.”  You gulp and throb.


You Entertain Me, I Don’t Notice


Entertainment and service are important elements for any submissive including humiliated ignored ones. Don’t think your maid duties are the only entertainment you can provide. However, If you think you’ll have a captive audience clapping and cheering you on, and receiving THAT type of attention, you might be disappointed.

The type of entertainment I’m talking about can include, entertaining my friends by displaying you in one of the submissive poses I’ve taught you. You’ll be a Live work of art, just standing or kneeling off to the side while you watch the Dominants enjoy themselves.

This can also include you being used as human furniture. An ottoman, or footstool. For strong-backed subs, you might even find a few warm-ass cheeks perched upon your back. But don’t expect any more engagement than that. When was the last time you saw someone having a conversation with an ottoman, or a bench? My point exactly. With you as living art or furniture, you are just an object to be ignored.


Is Ignore Play Considered Neglect Play


Some might interpret ignore play as neglect play as the same. In some ways they are similar: I don’t necessarily engage you and often you are left alone.

Traditionally with neglect play, you are tied, or bound and left alone. Sometimes inserting a vibrating toy, and ordering you to wear it for extended periods while alone and you are left unbound.

Sensory deprivation is an added erotic element that I love!  I can use the ignore play and deprivation together to amuse myself. Imagine having to do everything with gloves on, or a chastity cage. Something that really is hot for me, is blindfolding you, having you kneel in a  corner so all you can do is hear. What will you hear?

Perhaps the soft buzz of my warm-up toy, the soft sounds of the porn video I’m watching. Oh, how your tender vittles will be aching when you hear the loud buzz of the finisher, toy. You would certainly hear my lovely moans of pleasure as well. For some, they imagine, they are my cuckold and listening in as my big cock lover pleases me in ways you never could.


How Will We Play


I know many humiliation pets are quite clever and inventive. I’ve given you three ways to play with ignore humiliation. Since the only limitation is our imagination, do you have any sexy ideas?

Most of you will consider being ignored as the ultimate punishment and I do use it as needed. One of the worse things for a submissive to experience is the feeling of being abandoned by their Dominant or being put on a ‘time out”.

So pets and those who would NEVER ever request an ignore session, to just sit by and listen in on whatever I choose to do, is there a way to play with ignoring you that you might want to try?  Email me today.